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Blackened Catfish The history of Cajun and Creole cooking is rich and represents a typically American (though regional) way of adapting to both the available foodstuffs, as well as adapting to the mixed immigrant heritage of the Louisiana. It is this mix that has made New Orleans one of the major food cities in the US, and its cooking the envy of the country. “Cajun food” comes from the deepest Southern parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. Like the area it originated from, Cajun flavor is spicy, rich, and really, really good!

This kind of cuisine is perhaps best characterized by the sauces. Creole sauces are creamy and full-flavored with the rich use of herbs and spices. Cajun cooking is, generally speaking, a countrified version of Creole cuisine. When put together the right way, this wonderful food is a melange of artistry and talent, developed and made possible by the nations and cultures who settled in and around New Orleans. Frilly’s is a restaurant that knows and loves it, and keeps it alive by sharing it with the world.

We invite you to come and enjoy some great food… from our traditional Jambalaya to a house specialty like Blackened Catfish St. Charles, we’re sure you’ll agree… Frilly’s is the best!